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Our job is to protect women and men at work. To this effort, we design and manufacture complete personal and collective protection solutions for professionals worldwide.

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Our mission

For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

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Our history


Standards and directives

We operate in a regulated global market in many countries. Thus, we must manage requirements that may vary greatly between countries or regions.
The common goal of our product managers and services is to offer reliable, sustainable, high-performance products in compliance with the regulations and/or standards of each territory where they are used.

Standards and certifications

All you need to know about PPE standards


EN14387: gas filters and compound filters

It contains laboratory tests to check the conformity with resistance to impacts, to temperature, to humidity and corrosive atmospheres, and with mechanical and respiratory resistance.

Directive européenne : obligations de l'utilisateur final

89/391 : Identifier et évaluer le risque, prendre des mesures préventives et de protection, informer et former les travailleurs.
2004/37 : Risques liés à l’exposition à des agents cancérigènes ou mutagènes au travail : identification des dangers, valeurs limites, protection respiratoire.
89/656 : Choisir et utiliser l’EPI approprié et conforme, informer et former les utilisateurs, vérifier et remplacer l’EPI si nécessaire.

EN140: half-masks and quarter-masks

It contains laboratory tests and practical performance tests to check the conformity with resistance to impacts, to cleaners and disinfectants, to temperature, to flame and respiratory resistance.

NIOSH (US National Institute for Occupational Safety) 42 CFR Part84

EN ISO 21420

ANSI (US American National Standards Institute) Z87.1

Spécications des exigences générales et minimales, des méthodes d’essai, de sélection, d’utilisation et de maintenance des protecteurs des yeux et de la face.



CSA Z94.3


EN136 : overall masks

It contains laboratory tests and practical performance tests to check the conformity with resistance to temperature, to impacts, to flame, to thermal radiation, to traction,
resistance to cleansers and disinfectants. Furthermore, the visual inspection must concern the marking and the manufacturers’ information guide.

GS-ET 29

Certification procedure




EN 172

EN 170

EN 166

EN 169

Regulatory directives