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Delta Plus Knowledge

We help you to develop your skills through training, our tutorials and our centres of expertise. Easily find all the product and regulatory information relating to our ranges thanks to our download centre.

Our mission

For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

Family history

Our history


The Group

Our activity

Our job is to protect women and men at work. To this effort, we design and manufacture complete personal and collective protection solutions for professionals worldwide.

We are present through our 46 subsidiaries in 30 countries around the world and distribute our products in over 110 countries.

Our global offer covers the 5 main families of personal protective equipment and collective protection systems, and is available in more than 1,100 models, divided into more than 7,200 references.

Our products are designed around three key concepts: protection, comfort and design. Each of our solutions is challenged by our research and development experts. This allows us to offer more advanced and differentiating solutions.


And because we manufacture 85% of our products, through our 18 production facilities around the world, we stand behind the quality of our services. Combined with our global and integrated logistics organization, we are able to offer a benchmark service in the industry.
All our 3,500 employees are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, both distributors and users, who are supported by our specialist teams on a daily basis.
Delta Plus, is how we achieve 14% growth per year since 2016. This organic growth is complemented by external growth: 8 acquisitions have been finalized since 2019. Our vision and focus is on long-term sustainability. It’s the hallmark of our independence and the hallmark of your safety.

Change in
1 family and independent group
3500 employees

A family history

Jacques Benoit based Delta Plus in Apt, Provence, in 1977. At that time, the PPE sector still had a long way to go. He then began marketing rainwear, protective boots, and then work gloves.

In the 80s, Jacques Benoit created a rain gear, the 304, which would become a huge success.

In the 2000s, Delta Plus started manufacturing.

In 2011, Jérôme Benoit, Jacques’ eldest son, 28 years old and a graduate of HEC, succeeded him.

This success story has its roots in diversification and globalization.

Thanks to its long-term orientation, the Delta Plus Group has gone from being a pioneer in the distribution of protective gloves and boots in 1977 to a global, multi-specialist, multiindustry designer and manufacturer worldwide 40 years later.

Stages of construction

Our identity

Our product offer is built on the triad of Protection, Comfort and Value.

Our offer includes systematic eco-design in each of our specifications, in order to drive our development while limiting our impact on future generations.
At the same time, we have developed an eco-score, a simple rating system that can be adapted to all product families to measure the environmental impact of our products. We have also reduced the amount of packaging for some of our products, and systematise the use of recyclable materials.

With our global offer and services, Delta Plus positions itself to offer a protection solution for each business sector.