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Delta Plus Knowledge

We help you to develop your skills through training, our tutorials and our centres of expertise. Easily find all the product and regulatory information relating to our ranges thanks to our download centre.

Our mission

For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

Family history

Our history


Our commitments


  • We operate in a regulated global market in many countries. Thus,
    we must manage requirements that may vary greatly between
    countries or regions.
  • The control of our production processes (internal and external)
    allows us to guarantee our customers quality products across the

In-house production

Environmental requirements are a major concern for all our products, whether it is the search for organic or recycled materials that meet our quality requirements, or the inclusion of the environmental footprint in the product specifications from the very outset of a project.



Research and development

Our international engineering team provides products that meet local standards and customer requirements. Project managers and business specialists cover all our subisdiaries and coordinate with our teams close to the production sites to ensure industrialisation and quality on a daily basis.

A worldwide networked organisation


dedicated persons




projects launched


projects under development per year

From design to standard, from environmental requirements to value creation.

Environmental requirements are a major concern for all our
products, whether it is the search for organic or recycled materials
that meet our quality requirements, or the inclusion of the
environmental footprint in the product specifications from the very
outset of a project.

A team of specialists in:
• Project management
• Textiles
• Plastics and chemical compounds
• Mechanics and simulation
An ecosystem of external experts:
• Machine manufacturers
• Material suppliers
• Testing and prototyping laboratories
• Specialists in emerging technologies
Internal laboratories for:
• Development tests
• Testing of standards

State-of-the-art resources for:
• Management of technical data
• Calculations and simulations
• Prototyping (numerical control machines, 3D printing)
• Project planning and capitalisation

Our supply chain

From forecasting to delivery, an integrated end-to-end market process.

Our supply chain organisation is unique and structured around 5 major areas. An integrated model based on the group’s sales forecasting, product cycle planning, supplier and production plant planning and capacity management, and warehouse and distribution operator efficiency.

Its management is centralised in France and is based on a rigorous structuring of processes and controls. It also relies on 4 consolidation logistics platforms to supply to our subsidiaries and customers around the world. Two of these platforms are located in Asia (China and India) and two in Europe (France and Poland). Our IT system, harmonised on each of the platforms, is based on an expert demand management system. It thus provides real-time information on stock levels, incoming and outgoing flows. Our ambition is to further integrate our supply chain with blockchain technology.

This organisation allows us to serve customers in all countries according to the most advantageous logistic scheme for them, guaranteeing the availability of quality products across our entire range of platforms and warehouses.