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We help you to develop your skills through training, our tutorials and our centres of expertise. Easily find all the product and regulatory information relating to our ranges thanks to our download centre.

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For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

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How to connect for the first time to my Delta Plus account?

You need to use your former customer code

  1. Click on the button my account at the top of your screen
  2. Choose connection with custome code
  3. Fill the form with customer code, email adress and firstname and name
  4. Then choose your new password linked to your email adress
  5. Now you are connected to your account
  6. For the next connections, use you email adress as ID and your new password.

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What is the maximum number of simultaneous users on a permanent fall arrest system?

The maximum number of simultaneous users depends on the system.

For horizontal systems:

  • 5 users on a horizontal cable lifeline,
  • 2 users per anchor point,
  • and 2 users between each fixing bracket for a rail lifeline.

How do I place an order for permanent fall arrest systems?

Contact your Area Sales Manager or send a request to our Sales Support at adv.systems@deltaplus.fr

Are inspections of permanent fall protection permanent systems compulsory?

Yes, for all permanent personal protection systems considered as Personal Protective Equipment.

For the other fall arrest solutions, we strongly advise you to follow the recommendation of the French pension and occupational health fund C.A.R.S.A.T. and to do them.

Where can we find the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for permanent fall arrest systems?

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale can be viewed directly on our website.

Where can we find technical documents and certificates of conformity for permanent fall arrest systems?

You can access all our technical and commercial documentation on tour website, available 24/7.

Do you have your own installation teams for permanent fall protection systems?

Yes, we do have our own installation teams.

They are trained and qualified to work at height. They can adapt to your on-site constraints and install your fall arrest systems anywhere in France: ATEX, CACES PEMP, CATEC - Confined Spaces, Rope access technician, first intervention team member, scaffolding, stacker, gestures and postures, H0B0 electrical qualification, mechanical qualification, slinger bridge operator, asbestos prevention referent, asbestos prevention SS4 operator, N1 chemical risk, safety at height, road risk awareness, SST, etc.