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Delta Plus Knowledge

We help you to develop your skills through training, our tutorials and our centres of expertise. Easily find all the product and regulatory information relating to our ranges thanks to our download centre.

Our mission

For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

Family history

Our history


Delta Plus Training 

Teaching and validating the right behaviours to intervene with complete safety (regulated training organisation).

Our certifications

As a regulated training organisation, we pass on our know-how and experience, teaching the right techniques and practices to protect you from all the risks associated with a professional activity.


Improving employee skills
Upgrading standards on cat III equipment
Handing over the authorisation to your employees to carry out the visual inspection

We provide face-to-face training, practical training and e-learning options.

# Connect to Elearning platform Example Link

Work at height

Wind turbine
Rope work
PPE checks
Wearing a harness

PPE - end-users

Recue systems
Rope work
Raising awareness about working at height
Protecting people at work
PPE inspection


- Sales techniques applied to fall protection
- PPE recommendations: understanding the user environment
- European standards: what's new?
- Sales techniques applied to PPE
- Protecting people at work
- Fall protection