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cut resistant gloves


For gloves made of very resistant materials (materials that blunt the blade during the test), the Coupe Test is no longer relevant, a TDM test becomes mandatory.
The TDM test is also more representative of work situations with high risk of cut.


Cut resistant gloves


The choice of glove suited to the level of risk, ensured by the visual cue, guarantees work in secure conditions. A whole range dedicated to this approach.


Codes couleurs Deltanocut

Blue : safe work without major risk (<5N)
Green : working with low cut risk (micro-cuts) (5N)
Yellow : working with moderate cut risks (6.5 N)
Red : working with high cut risks, requiring regular wear of the glove (14 N)
Black : working with very high cut risks, requiring the daily wear of the glove (16 N)



The fibres


Deltanocut +

Mono-fibre polymer high resistance.
Maximum dexterity.

DMF free: total material safety, protection of the handled objects.
Washable: hygienic, gloves can be re-used.
Reduced thickness: Fine touch and better breathability.
Soft touch: texture provides comfort and feeling of freshness all day.
Available in gauge 15 and 13



For maximum safety and a good contact-heat protection.
Maximum cut resistance.
High level of abrasion resistance.
Heat resistance up to 100°C (until 250°C for VENICUT50 and VENICUT52).

To combine safety and comfort.
Excellent cut resistance.
Maximum abrasion performance.
Soft fibre: High level of comfort.
Available in gauge 15 and 18.





To combine safety and attractive price

Different levels of cutting resistance.
Good abrasion performance.
Economical fibre: good price.
Gauge 13: high level of dexterity.