Since 1977, Delta Plus have strived to ensure our mission: to keep people safe in the workplace. The selection of the products in this catalogue illustrates this commitment perfectly. We have a range that consists of “Signature”, products that re-emphasize the longevity of Delta Plus and “New Dynamic” products that reflect the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Delta Plus. This is all at the service of safety at work. 

When the family adventure began 40 years ago, Delta Plus was born with its pioneering spirit and clear direction. With one sole aim being the protection of the Human Being and this has remained the DNA of Delta Plus. The company has been built on three fundamental principles. The Global Offer, providing optimum protection offering a Head to Toe product solution. The concept of value products offering a range of products specially adapted to offer the most effective balance between performance and value for money. Proximity with distributors and users of our products. We have a dedicated local presence to ensure a quality, added value service to all.
It is truly this pioneering vision of PPE that is reflected in the SIGNATURE products of this catalogue. 

While the three main pillars of the Delta Plus house remain, the global workplace environments and the consumption patterns of PPE have changed dramatically. Industries continue to evolve quickly.
It is in response to this ever changing world that our five centers of expertise have been structured (Head, Hand, Body, Foot and Fall protection). It is thanks to our passionate teams that the NEW DYNAMIC products added, help to ensure that Delta Plus continue to evolve with the ever changing needs of the users. Offering the best innovations and protection solutions. This is reflected in this new catalogue.

You’ve got it! This catalogue illustrates this strong ambivalence. Welcome in this evocative and festive catalogue. After all, 40 years needs to be celebrated, doesn’t it?!