Skull protection

How to protect yourself?

To choose the correct safety helmet.
To identify the risk: falling bumps or combined risks (hearing protection and face protection).

The safety helmet has three functions:

  • Antipenetration for an effective skull protection.
  • Shock absorber because the cap and the harness absorb shocks.
  • Deflector thanks to a suitable design which makes it possible to deflect the fall of an object from the top of the head.

There is in addition a selection of accessories which offers a face and hearing protection.



Casques de chantiers


Helmet marking illustration

Marquage cassques



  • The logo sent must be in vectorized format (.eps, .ai, or .pdf) and must not have a different colour background to the chosen helmet.
  • For logos in colours, please indicate the pantone reference for each colour.
  • It is impossible to do gradient colours in pad printing.
  • Minimum of order: 40 pieces per colour for all orders in Europe.
  • Maximum number of colours: 4

Warning: the colours of the logos can be slighty changed according to the colour of helmets. To have the same colour as your logo, we recommend to choose white helmets.

personnalisation logo sur casques de chantier

Start customizing your safety helmets



The space to put the logo may not exceed dimensions shown on the schema below:

Personnalisation casques de chantier