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MATRYX® is a high performance technical complex made from high tenacity polyamide and KEVLAR® thread. This unique and patented French technology enables specific areas to provide efficient solutions in terms of ergonomics and lightness.

Our goal is to combine the best of sport and safety in order to push performance limits. It is due to our partnership with the French company Chamatex, which patented the MATRYX® Technology, that we have developed this innovative premium product. The most of MATRYX®: the option of choosing, according to our needs, predefined strategic function zones during weaving. This construction of the upper material reduces by approximately 50% the weight of our upper material. MATRYX® is a unique technology and DELTA FLY is unique in the world of PPE.

Michel Munier, Foot Protection Product Expert

1- Multizone woven upper : brings extreme lightness and flexibility to the upper material as well as very good ventilation. This complex fabric does not deform.

2- Reflective threads : allow increased visibility.

3- Kevlar® thread : provide excellent support around the instep in any position and increased resistance to abrasion.

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