Modern designed helmet
that provides optimal protection
for the face and head.

Safety helmet equipped with an integrated visor certified according to GS-ET-29 Class 1 (electric arc), equipped with an 6-point textile cap, and an intuitive and easy-to-use ROTOR adjustment system.

skull protection
Industrial Helmets

Optional temperature -20°C
Lateral deformation LD
Molten Metal projection MM
Electrical insulation 440 VAC

electric protection

Insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations
Electrical class: Class 0

arc flash protection
GS-ET-29 Class 1
ARC FLASH protection

Short circuit electric arc class:
CLASS 1: 4kA (155 KJ/m² or 3.7 cal/cm²)
Luminous transmission class 0

ocular protection
Personal eye protection specifications

1 Optical class (continuous wearing)
S Increased robustness (5.1 m/s)
AT High Energy Impact resistance
(190 m/s) at extreme temperatures
(-5°C / +55°C)
3 Liquid resistance (droplet or splashes)
8 Short circuit electric arc resistance
9 Molten metal projections resistance
K Resistance to surface damages by fine particules
N Resistance to fogging of the oculars

Ultraviolet filters Transmittance requirements and recommended utilization

Scale number:
2C-1.2, Harmful UV filtered at 99.9%

GS-ET 29