Foot protection

The parts of a shoe

Les différentes parties d'une chaussure



Water proof security shoe
Waterproof working shoe

Delta-Tex waterproof working shoe




MATRYX is a high performance technical complex made from high tenacity polyamide and Kevlar thread. This unique and patented French technology enables specific areas to provide efficient solutions in terms of ergonomics and lightness.




Protection des pieds gamme Delta Plus
Protection des pieds gamme Delta Plus



ESD Shoes

What does the regulation say?

Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres called ATEX and the protection of workers against the risks of explosion are regulated by 1999/92/EC Directive.
The use of ESD qualified footwear dissipating electrostatic charges, is recommended in these areas as part of a comprehensive system of prevention of explosion risk.
Requirements for the design, implementation of systems controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can damage electronic components are defined by the EN61340-5-1 standard.
The device said ESD must offer resistance between 105 Ω and 3.5x107 Ω).
To be used in an ESD system, a shoe must at least be qualified according to EN61340-4-3 standard and offer resistance less than 108 Ω (and greater than 105 Ω), it is then dissipative.
SAULT ESD and VIAGI ESD perform particularly well because they have not only reached a maximum resistance between 105 and 3.5x107 Ω, but these tests were conducted under severe restraints: the climatic environment class number 1 (high drought: 15% humidity rate).
Due to their low resistance level, SAULT ESD and VIAGI ESD are a particularly efficient part of global grounding system (gloves, clothing, carpet, seat, etc ...).
Thus, their performances help this system to achieve the level of resistance required for ESD compliance.

ESD working shoes


Risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD*)

ESD Shoes
* Electrostatic Discharge

The static electricity on the operators must be controlled in the following application areas, because it can:

  • Generate electrostatic sparks that can ignite explosive atmospheres: plastic industry, mining, oil and gas industry, chemical industry ...
  • Damage sensitive equipment against electric shock: various electronic industries ...
  • Generate particles that may be deposited on the painting: car industry, house appliances ...



Size correspondance table

Correspondance des pointures


Protection des pieds Delta Plus