A training centre devoted to occupational health and safety.

Special PPE courses designed for both distributors and users.

Information and training to better understand the issues of personal protection.

  • Act within the framework of health and safety at work.
  • Argue a range of personal protection.
  • Understand the technical features of personal protection.
  • Follow a study of work position and recommend a solution for personal protection.
  • Identify and assess risks, adjust the performance of protection.
  • Comply with requirements for recording, storage, maintenance, product control.
  • Read and understand the product certification.
  • Know the legal, regulatory and normative environment.
DPG Training


Therefore we address:

  • For sales teams to organize and deepen their knowledge of PPE to develop their sales and give more meaning to their job as their business proposals.
  • For companies that use PPE to identify the most appropriate answers to the risks of their work environment, to choose the most efficient products and follow up the necessary review of PPE category III.